School Policies & Rules


  1. Parents are requested to leave their ward at the school gate according to the time mentioned to you from school office and leave immediately and are requested to cooperate with the school staff
  2. Student must be punctual (Check School Timing). Late arrives will not be allowed. Requests will not be entertained.


  1. Pupil not in proper uniform will not be allowed in school premises
  2. Hair should be short for boys. Spiking and gels are not allowed
  3. Girls must tie their hair. Hair band should be either black or white
  4. A pupil can only use black frame for spectacles/glasses. No other colour is allowed
  5. A pupil is not allowed to keep long nails
  6. Uniform including shoes should be regularly cleaned
  7. Pupil must carry raincoats during rainy days
  8. Pupil must wear the ID Given to them
  9. If the Id card is lost, it must be immediately reported. A fine of Taka 100/-should be paid and a stamp size photograph should be submitted to school’s office for a new ID Card

Prohibited in School

  1. Personal parties and celebration is not allowed in school
  2. Comics, magazines, toys, MP3 player, i-POD, camera, CDs, etc. are not allowed. If found, it will be confiscated and parents will have to collect it from the school’s office
  3. Physical violence, abusive language, academic dishonesty will not be tolerated. a pupil involved in any such act may be expelled from school if considered necessary
  4. Pupil will be detained after school for serious misconduct


  1. Student must bring own tiffin and water. Parents must refrain from sending tiffin during school hours. No school staff should be requested to purchase tiffin for a student. Parents are requested to follow the tiffin chart provided.

Attendance and Absence Procedures

  1. Pupils are required to attend school regularly
  2. Whenever a student is absent from school for any reason, parents should telephone the school office on the first morning of the student’s absence. In addition, upon return, an application must be submitted to the respective class teacher
  3. In case of leave in advance, an application must be submitted 3 days before the date of leave
  4. Failure to follow the absence procedure may result in suspension of the student
  5. If a pupil remains absent for more than one month without prior permission an application with all relevant documents must be submitted to the Head of School for the pupil to continue further in the school
  6. In order to encourage full school attendance, a 100 percent ”Attendance Award” is given to pupils. To qualify for this award it is compulsory for the pupils to attend all school events.

Early leave:

Student cannot leave earlier than their given time. No request will be entertained in this regard.

Self-defense class:

Self-defense class is compulsory for all students from Nursery to class X.

Picking up from school

  1. A collection card will be provided to each parent with the pupil’s photograph. Pupil will not be handed over without the collection card
  2. If the collection card is lost TK200/- should be given at the school’s office to avail a new card

Parents entering school premises

  1. Parents are not allowed to enter the school premises unless to meet a teacher or administrative staff
  2. Parents cannot enter any classroom unless invited by the school

Monthly meeting with Head of school

  1. Every month a meeting is held with the Head of school to discuss pupil’s progress, therefore it is mandatory for all parents to attend the meeting on the dates are given.

Homework, class work and class tests

  1. Home work is given every day, which must be completed and submitted on due date
  2. There are no make-up test for student remaining absent during the tests.


  1. School diary should be checked and signed by parents daily
  2. Important notices and information are provided in the diary which must be checked and Acknowledgement slips are often given with certain notices which must be signed and returned to the respective class teacher
  3. Parents can also send notes or queries to teachers in the pupil’s diary

Fees and Payments

  1. All fees and charges must be paid on the due dates
  2. Assessment forms and Report cards will not be issued if the dues are not cleared
  3. Transfer Certificates will not be issued if dues are not cleared

Expulsion from school

The school authority in order to maintain school’s discipline can ask the parent to remove their child during the academic session, in case of severe violation of school discipline and untoward behavior