Message from Vice Principal

Zubaida Qureshi

Zubaida Qureshi
Vice Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all our parents, pupils and teachers to Sir Maurice Brown International School.

Infrastructure and qualified faculty has completed 8 years of commendable service towards enhancing quality of education.

In this school, the pupils are highly valued and the academic programme is well organized. In addition to the academic programme, faculty members are available to the pupils to assist, support and give guidance to solve their problems. Pupils are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports and cultural events.
The pupils at SMBIS are offered many opportunities to explore their interests and investigate new ideas.
SMBIS is like a family. It is a stepping stone to greater things: college or obtaining a job, becoming a professor, actor, doctor, nurse.

Co-operation from parents and well-wishers we hope InShaAllah the school will strive for excellence and contribute in building a just and humane society.

So, I thank you all personally for all your support for the school.

Thank you.