Our Preschool & Kindergarten


Preschool is an important stage which lays the foundation for life-long learning and all-round development of the child. In preschool we encourage children to observe their surroundings and think independently.  In terms of academics, preschool children are introduced with letters of the alphabet, in both uppercase as well as lowercase letters, learn to write and identify numbers and are also introduced with letters of Bangla alphabet. Pupils also get opportunities for physical education on a regular basis, as well as involve in various art and crafts activities. We have more play-based approach so that students’ natural curiosity and playful instincts are nurtured towards learning.

Preschool children are assessed based on ongoing coursework: written and oral work. They do not have any formal term exams. We have a friendly and stimulating learning environment in which each child is able to develop skills, concepts, attitudes and gain knowledge. We develop the child’s ability to communicate and understand. We involve children in diverse activities to develop a range of important skills – communication skills, social skills, personal and emotional skills as well. Our teachers make deliberate effort to make the classroom a happy place of learning for every child.  The curriculum has been designed for children of age 3+, admitted in Play Group and Nursery is for children of age 4+.


Children of age 5+ are admitted in Kindergarten.  Choosing the right curriculum for children at this stage ensures that they are learning things to the best of their potential and are ready for the advanced concepts that they have to learn in later grades. It is also the starting point of formal education. After completing kindergarten children can write simple sentences both in English and Bangla. Mathematics syllabus includes teaching them to sort objects based on one or more attributes, recognizing and writing numbers from 0 to 100, telling time to the nearest hour, and recognizing patterns and shapes and also learn to do some basic addition and subtraction. Basic concept of science is also introduced at this stage. Kindergarten children are assessed based on ongoing coursework: written and oral work in the first term. They only  have one formal term exam in the final term.