Our Curriculum

We are a National Curriculum English Medium School.  For the rapidly globalizing world, proficiency in English language from a very early age is a major goal of our school. The curriculum is also ingrained firmly in our own society, through proper grounding in Bangla and our cultural and historical roots.


The comprehensive curriculum designed for the pre-school, primary and secondary classes ultimately leads to the Primary School Certificate Examination (PSC) after completion of Class V, Junior School Certificate Examination (JSC) and Secondary School Certificate (SSC) after successful completion of Class VIII and X respectively under the Education Board of Bangladesh.


The academic year begins in January and ends in December. There are two terms in an academic year and two examinations are held in each academic year. Class tests are held regularly. Along with the class tests; marking class work and project work marks are also added to the examination marks so that each pupil’s performance can be carefully assessed. Class sizes are not too big so that each child is given individual care by the teachers. Emphasis is placed on selecting teaching materials and techniques that develop the thinking capacities of children and make them independent learners.


Subjects taught are English Language and Literature, Bangla, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Religious Studies, General Knowledge, ICT, Art, and Music. Every week Library, Games and Self –Defense classes are also held. The children are strongly encouraged to read both English and Bangla story books. We have an enriched library, a well equipped Computer and Science Laboratory.


Along with studies our pupils are also involved in various extra-curricular activities.  The pupils are taken on field trips every year. These enable them to get hands-on learning experiences.  Events taking place throughout the year include Cultural Programme, Annual Sports Day, Science Fair, Book Fair, Handwriting Competition, Inter- School Art Competition. Celebration of various national festivals such as Pohela Boishak and National Days such as Victory Day, International Mother Language Day, birthday of the Father of the Nation is also an important part of our school’s co-curricular activity.


Club activity is also an important feature of SMBIS. At present we have Language (English and Bangla), Sports and Science Clubs for our pupils.  Gradually we also intend to include clubs such as Debate, Quiz, Newsletter, Music, Art and Crafts and Community Service Clubs.  It is compulsory for pupils from Class I and above to join at least one club.