Message from Chairman

M. Saiful Islam

M. Saiful Islam

Each of us has dreams, and our most precious dreams involve our children. In our materialistic, highly competitive and success oriented society, we often attempt to fulfill the need for love with materialistic things to avoid feeling guilty about not spending enough time with our children. But love must be an integral part of children’s home lives and an integral part of their education, so they grow into caring adults whose hearts and intellects are geared towards seeking peaceful solutions in conflict situations.

We, at SMBIS strongly believe that no words we speak, no song we compose, no book we read can inspire in young minds the desire to excel as effectively as the behaviours we model. The power of positive example is the greatest teacher on earth. With this belief, we have engaged an excellent team of dedicated, experienced and loving teachers under the leadership of a widely experienced Head of School and Vice Principal.

On behalf of the group of Old Faujians who established SMBIS in the memory of their first Principal Col. Maurice Brown, I take this opportunity to express our sincere gratitude and extend whole-hearted thanks to all our parents, pupils, patrons and members of the teaching and administrative staff for their continued support.